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The value of art in creating dialogue and presenting the human experience of social issues is unparalleled.  Humannovations provides expert consultation and support to artists and the entertainment industry on issues of mental health, suicide prevention, social justice, psychiatry and treatment systems, human rights and health equity.

Through engagement, custom resources and materials, technical and communications consulting, including public events, talks and panels that bridge personal and professional expertise, Humannovations fosters crucial conversations that build understanding, hope and energy for positive change.

A unique musical and entertainment experience, the Web Opera is based on the tragic events

that led to the suicide death of Tyler Clementi, a US college student.

The complete opera in mini-webisodes is viewable to the public at

While suicide directly related to cyberbullying is rare, the negative impacts of social media shaming and cyberabuse on mental health, self-esteem are a growing problem. In addition, many teens and college-age youth go through struggles with suicide and depression that are made worse through negative media contacts including posts and messaging.    

The creators and all involved with The Web Opera are proud to be part of the mission against cyberbullying and cyber abuse - we invite you to join us in support of this mission. They work with mental health advisor Eduardo Vega and his Humannovations to support their work in anti-cyberbullying and suicide prevention. 

Humannovations provides original support content and educational discussion panels for this important artwork.

THE WEBOPERA HAS BEEN SEEN IN 14 FESTIVALS WORLDWIDE and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Screenshot_2020-02-04 PowerPoint Present

The Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival (PTAFF) is a 501c3 organization celebrating the provocative artistry and innovation of ‘Artivists’, independent artists and filmmakers inspired by social justice.

The festival is an intersection between art and social justice giving independent artists a place to create, thrive and bring to market work they are passionate about. Artists are allowed to take risk, tell their stories as they work to change the world.

Humannovations provides original support content and educational discussion panels on various issues realted to the interesection of arts social justice and social change for the 2018 festival.

“Transformation without work and pain, without suffering, without a sense of loss  is just an illusion of true change.” ~Wm. Paul Young

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