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The mission of Humannovations is to create a healthier future through innovative solutions that empower people and communities, and reduce global mental ill-health and suicide. 


Humannovations is a social impact organization serving the vision of a future in which societal injustices and mental health challenges never limit anyone's ability to contribute to their communities and achieve their potential.

  • Leadership, Training, Art & Community Engagement

  • Thought leadership for Dignity, Empowerment & Social Justice,

  • Health Equity, Systems Change, Public Policy Consultation,

  • Community Participatory Research & Program Development

  • Technical Assistance, Communications, & Program Development



Growing Through

Activating Hope

Transformative Humannovations

Heart of the Artist

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About Eduardo Vega- Founder, CEO & Principal

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​An internationally recognized thought leader in mental health systems, programs and policy, consumer/patient engagement, stigma reduction, men’s health and suicide prevention, Eduardo Vega’s work continues to drive the forefront of change for mental health worldwide. A former Fulbright Specialist and California State Mental Health Commissioner, he has spearheaded progressive social and public health change at local, national and international levels. Learn more.

Humannovations has served CBOs, US states, large tech sector and health organizations and national health systems in six countries. 

Humannovations' Expert Circle

Humannovations’ mission is supported by leaders at the top of their fields in social enterprise, public health, mental health, suicide prevention, health justice, training, peer support programs, evaluation and research. Sector advisors – including John Draper, PhD, Executive Vice President of Health Technologies at Vibrant New York and Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline; David Covington, CEO of RI International; and Luba Botcheva, PhD, strategy and research consultant to the Company – bring dozens of years of development, evaluation and research expertise, including international work in developing nations. Joel Bosch, entrepreneur/business and finance expert, provides consultation on financial strategy and management.  Other experts in criminal justice, the arts, suicide prevention, veteran mental health and trauma-informed care training, contribute insight and an expansive marketing network.

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Teens & College-Age Suicide Prevention - The Web Opera

The Web Opera is based on a tragically true story. Although suicide directly related to cyberbullying is rare, the negative impacts of social media shaming and cyberabuse on mental health, self-esteem are a growing problem. In addition, many teens and college-age youth go through struggles with suicide and depression that are made worse through negative media contacts including posts and messaging.    


The creators and all involved with The Web Opera are proud to be part of the mission against cyberbullying and cyber abuse - we invite you to join us in support of this mission. They work with mental health advisor Eduardo Vega and his Humannovations to support their work in anti-cyberbullying and suicide prevention. 

“Transformation without work and pain, without suffering, without a sense of loss  is just an illusion of true change.” ~Wm. Paul Young

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