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​“The seminar was amazing ans inspiring--  made us feel empowered with exciting activities, great dialogue and real action steps for change.”

Tanya (Melbourne, Australia)


"I learned so much and will be able to take this and use it in my daily life and work"

Kevin (New Hamsphire)

“Eduardo is a national treasure. An inspiring leader who shows not only what needs to be done, but exactly how we can do it together... ”

Judge Ginger-Lerner Wren

"It was so value to have clinical professionals participating [in the training]. I practice peer support in a clinical environment and I want them to understand too."   

Natalie (Aukland, New Zealand)

“They bring a vision and an amazing array of skills and experience to making change happen. ”

Steve Dapatso (Oregon)


"Growing Through blew my mind. I've been through lots of trainings and nothing compares!"

Todd (Atlanta)

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