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Peer support is arguably the oldest form of help in nearly every area of human endeavor. On a fundamental level it includes any situation in which a person is sharing their experience and knowledge with another on the level of equals. Taking this to the next level, through peer support programs and training, empowers communities and organizations to make a difference in their own lives and to foster wellness in new ways.


As seen around the world today, peer support programs whether informal or structured, are incredibly helpful. These well-established, inexpensive and simple services can take many forms to reduce the impacts of life and job stress, mental health problems and suicide in nearly any community or industry. Reduction of turnover and disability, enhanced employee engagement, educational success in college, reduction of distress and suicide, are among the many returns that well planned and implemented peer support programs can deliver.


Peer support does not replace psychotherapy or professional services. For most people, though, a skilled peer can make a tremendous difference as they navigate  hard times and recovery. As someone who can naturally relate to their situation, peer supporters provide others with the best antidote to despair and isolation – genuine, caring connection that helps one feel heard, cared for and valued.





  help for anyone's mental health

Peer Support


HUMANNOVATIONS faculty are among the world's leading experts in programs and training for peer support in social services,  health, education and private industry

Understanding Peer Support



Download our Guidance Techncial Paper on the Art and Science of Peer Support


Peer Support



Internationally recognized Foundational and Advanced Training at HUMANNOVATIONS-U. Link Below to see our online Course and Seminars


Peer Mentors.    Support Groups.   Peer Specialists.    Warm Lines.   Peer Respite.

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Peer Support Implementation Specialists

Peer support programs-- in the workplace, community or educational setting-- are an excellent resource for mental health.   Planning with forethought, insight and expertise makes all the difference for timely success and value.


Humannovations staff are leading experts, and passionate proponents, of peer support services and training. With dozens of years experience in the field, we help organizations activate 'peer power' to support wellness, reduce the impacts of mental health problems, addiction and suicide.



Peer Support is an excellent, low-cost and relatively simple way to make a big difference for the mental health and wellness of any community. Starting, establishing and managing a viable peer support program, though,  is a project that involves nuance and insight. Based in our internationally-recognized expertise we work with clients to create the right mix of structures for: role definition and recruitment, skill and knowledge competencies, compensation, supervision and support. Based on your communities needs', we provide participatory program development, needs and outcome analysis, quality assurance, full-scope project management and professional program evaluation services.


Based in our empowerment values, our work is focused on transferring to our clients everything they need to continue and sustain the work, including data and content for sustainable financing.


Along with our proprietary Growing Through training series, Humannovations provides customized training for private organizations developing internal Peer Support teams, both formal and informal. Based on field expertise and over twenty years of experience, our training solutions span the range of basic to advanced skills, ethics and practices, supervision, group facilitation and crisis response.  Our training content is always focused on putting the peer first, and includes clear direction on negotiating multiple relationships, along with specific guidance on using your own story when its truly helpful. Working in collaboration with the served community and organizational leadership we ensure that training content and format, whether in-person, remote or a combination, is a perfect fit for your needs.


“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” ~Abraham Maslow

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