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The Activating Hope program, developed by Humannovations and Prevention Communities in partnership with the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and RI International, is a rapid-implementation approach to integrating “lived expertise” within Lifeline Crisis Contact Centers, suicide prevention organizations and communities. To date hundreds of individuals in five US States, and three countries have used Activating Hope tools to activate the resource of lived experience of suicide.

Learn more about the Activating Hope partners, related projects and updates at our blog page, the structured TA process at our Technical Assistance Page Connect with us as these practices bring new value, insight and learning to the work of suicide prevention around the world.

Activating Hope is… building upon the lived experience of people who have been through suicidal struggles to help others and prevent future suicidal behavior.

Activating Hope Begins… When organizations and people with lived experience join together to meaningfully dialogue and evaluate, to re-think and rebuild, and to create new resources that can save lives.

The Way Forward …

Pathways to Hope, Recovery, and Wellness

    with Insights from Lived Experience of Suicide

"The Way Forward" Report, generated through two years of dialogue with people who had direct personal experience of suicide (the US national "Suicide Attempt Survivor Taskforce") originated in response to the revised US National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. The Report laid out a values framework, and systematic approach to improving supports and services for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings. 

The recommendations of the Report clarify directions for change to ensure that interactions and treatment are person positive, compassionate and empowering, and to reduce the possibility that 'help' in times of suicide crisis is experienced more as punishment as opposed to care.

Recommendations from the document describe meaningful changes in several categories in the domains of Practices, Policies and Programs. This triple rubric is the basis for the Activating Hope TA framework, a fully actionable approach that any community crisis center, health authority or organization can use to amplify the value of lived experience. (See Technical Assistance Page.)



Activating Hope is building a full-scale resource and technical assistance site for Crisis Centers, Organizations and stakeholders.

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For more information about Activating Hope or to request services contact Eduardo Vega, Project Director

“Let difficulty transform you. And it will. In my experience, we just need help in learning how not to run away.” ~Pema Chödrön